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Unified Workforce (UWF) is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization in which we recruit and assist candidates all walks of life in finding supportable employment. Individuals have the opportunity to discover their professional path and find professions based on their education, experience, and interests. We are also the gatekeeper with collaborating employers through prescreening and matching excellent candidates for their work environment. Unified Workforce is unique in fostering the growth of A diverse workforce population to enrich company’s culture.


Unified Workforce assists underrepresented candidates develop and strengthen their self-efficacy through employment and personal development.


• We are a team

UWF treats everyone as a valued team member through communication, collaboration, and compassion.

• Constant learning

UWF provides an on- going learning component for all.

• Leadership roles

UWF fosters leadership opportunities for personal and professional growth.

• Give back attitude

UWF encourages a give back attitude through community involvement, sponsorship, and/or mentorship.

What we offer

Crowded video screen with diverse multinational people on it. Video meeting online for office employees working remotely. Multiracial colleagues involved in online conference, video call. Hr data base


Recruiting is a team effort that includes togetherness, encouragement, achievements, and motivation.

Confident African male leader standing telling diverse colleagues about new project, boss lead briefing for different age workgroup team employees in office. Sharing information and leadership concept

Group Consultation

Unity is power where team work, collaboration, and honesty are created.

Training Opportunities

Internship or apprenticeship is the beginning of one’s career – learn, absorb and see if that is meant for you.

Individual Consultation

There are a lot of roads with every journey.  With the right guidance, a direction is formed.

Human resource &

Business support

Every business needs support and it helps sustain and grow the company to its full potential.

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