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Unified Workforce (UWF) is an organization that assists members of underrepresented communities to find employment opportunities with training and education.  In addition, UWF is a conduit for companies by helping with recruiting, and by enhancing their workforce with diverse individuals and their hidden talents.


Unified Workforce assists individuals from underrepresented groups develop and strengthen their self-efficacy through professional and personal development.


• We are a team

UWF treats everyone as a valued individual through communication, collaboration, and compassion.

• ON-GOING learning

UWF provides ongoing learning for job seekers, employees, and companies.

• Leadership roles

UWF fosters leadership opportunities for personal and professional growth.

• Give back attitude

UWF encourages a “give-back” attitude through community involvement, sponsorship, and/or mentorship.


Karen Wong-Brown is the founder of Unified Workforce. She has worked in various administrative roles in educational institutions and corporations since 2000. She has a B.A. in Political Science from Colorado State University, an M.S in Organizational Leadership with an emphasis in Human Resources Management from Regis University and is a Licensed Career Coach. Karen is also involved in the community by advocating for underrepresented communities and as a leader in several non-profit organizations.

Unified Workforce’s vision is to help underrepresented individuals find employment based on their education, work experience and interest. Many of these individuals have difficulties finding a job because of social and economic circumstances; therefore, UWF will provide career coaching, educational courses, mentoring, and peer engagement. These programs are held individually in-office sessions, in community workshops and in work facilities.


Career Coaching (40% of the time): Provide guidance and training for these individuals from the beginning of their job search.

Goal: Help underrepresented communities find employment and sustain their careers while assisting employees in the company.

Educational Courses (5% of the time): Prepare an academic curriculum for individuals about career satisfaction so they can be an essential employee. We will continue developing their self-efficacy with personal and professional goals.

Goal: Educate individuals in finding the passion behind their career will help with an individual’s well-being.

Peer Connection (10% of the time): Connect individuals with peers in a connection group where they are allowed to express any job-related issues. Educate these individuals with some fundamental business-related problems so they can prepare for any professional conflict.

Goal: Participate in peer engagement at a safe place so they can have a work-life balance.

Mentorship (10% of the time): Facilitate a seminar where individuals meet with a company’s peer mentor within their company. The seminar training consists of understanding the mentorship program, providing training opportunities for mentors, the communication between mentors and mentees, and setting healthy guidelines.

Goal: Build collaboration and partnership between these individuals by learning from one another and creating a safe work.

Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (20% of the time) Promote organization’s visibility to all members of the community such as BIPOC, LGBT+, disability and many more in order to help build a diverse workforce community locally and statewide.

Goal:   Liaise with different entities in order to promote visibility of representation and educate about differences among one another

 Leadership (15% of the time) Serve as a community leader in various forms and organizations by promoting the cultural representation of the city and allow equity to serve by using one’s voice.

Goal:  Create a presence in the community that we need representation from all walks of life to engage in communication and leadership roles

Administrative (10% of the time): Prepare documents for training, companies or individuals.  Organize documents into a written form for tracking purposes.  Contact individuals for appointments and schedule meetings with higher officials to discuss about employees.

Updated on 02/09/2023

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