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How does it feel to reflect?  Well, let me tell you all about it.  Unified Workforce (UWF) celebrated its first-year anniversary in March 2023 since its formation as a non-profit organization.

It felt like giving birth to a child from the beginning even though I’ve never done that before.  In the first year November 2019, I learned to put all the logistics into place as a business.  That revealed a lot of loose ends and I asked for guidance from my mentors.

Once that was done, I started doing my business.  Soon imposter syndrome attacked me like a shadow, especially after an AAPI Hate Incident in March 2021.  I needed to overcome it because I knew that my services were needed in my community.  I forged ahead and started my business as a non-profit in November 2021 to network groups and conferences and build many relationships with other organizations.

Before long, my infant needed some clothes and diapers, and I panicked after my 501© 3 formation in March of 2022.  After applying for my first grant and being denied, how did I manage this on my own?  Like any business owner, even founders need to put in some personal money to start, I put in a small amount from my savings.  Then I asked a friend and professional grant writer to help with the next grant.  With each grant application, I learned new ways to earn grant money.  I also learned that grants are like learning gymnastics – just do it and do not give up.

Today my infant is a toddler because of being nourished by two grants.  I also partnered with other businesses by being a professional consultant or a vendor.  In the future, I am also planning to be an educational resource by teaching courses at conferences, classes, and/or seminars.

I am proud to say that my clients help me learn and grow in my professional role.  Every day is a lesson and keeps learning.  In January 2023, I planned and created my first fundraising event: an Asian Lunar New Year celebration that was educational, spiritual, and entertaining as well as was well received by my community.  I will be doing this every year.  My company proudly collaborated with another organization to make this event successful because we both want to promote diverse events in our community.

I look forward to many more milestones for UWF as I recruit more leaders for my board and eventually hire some.  I created a couple of scholarship funds for first-generation students (neither parent went to college) to attain higher education.



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2022 Financial Statement 



  • Colorado State University (CSU) Asian Pacific American Cultural Center (2021)
  • CSU PRIDE Resource Center (2021)
  • Unicycle Consulting (2021)
  • Good Business Colorado (2021)
  • Martinez Associates (2021)
  • Larimer Small Business Development Center (2022)
  • United Way of Larimer County (2022)
  • Larimer County Economic and Workforce Development (2022)
  • Colorado Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (2022)
  • Summitstone (2022)

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