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Month of JUNE

National Indigenous History – (Canada)

PRIDE for LGBTIQQAA+ –  (U.S.A) (Canada) (Australia)

National Caribbean American Heritage (U.S.A)

Red Earth Fair – Indigenous (Canada) (U.S.A)

Individualized Celebration

6/1  Gawai Dayak (Malaysia) – Day mark for traditional rice harvest – last three days

6/4 Pentecost (Christian – Coptic & Eastern Orthodox)

6/10 Trooping the Colour (England) – Official birthday of the Queen – Takes place at Horse Guards Parade: Whitehall, England

6/16 Martydom of Guru Arjan Dev (Sikh) – 5th Guru and built the Golden Temple in Amritsar

6/18 Fathers Day (Canada-U.K- U.S.A) – Started in 1910.  Founded by Louise Dodd of Spokane, WA and in 1966, it became a presidential proclamation.  It is now celebrated on the third Sunday in June.

6/19 Juneteenth (U.S.A) – National Freedom Day which is the official day of ending slavery in the United States.

6/20 Litha (Wicca) – This day falls on the summer solstice in which Wiccans celebrate the Sun at the height of its power for providing good harvests.

6/21 National Indigenous Peoples Day (Canada) – It is a day to recognize of the contributions of First Nations, Inuit and Metis.

6/21 Inti Raymi (Peru) – It is celebrated in Cusco.  This day is to celebrate the winter solstice, where the God of the Sun – Wiracocha, is honored.

6/22 Dragon Boat Festival (China and Hong Kong)—This day honors the patriot poet Chu Yuan, who drowned himself in the Milo River in 277 B.C. to protect himself from political injustice.  The villagers raced to the river and jumped into dragon boats but never found him.  As they searched, they beat drums to scare off fish and dragons that might attack his mortal remains.

6/24 St Jean Baptist0 Day (Canada) – He was a patron saint of French-Canadians in Quebec.

6/24 Matariki (New Zealand)—It is when a set of star clusters appears in the dawn sky. This is a time when there is a connection, and the community gives thanks to the land, sea, and sky for coming together to farewell the dead and begin planning for the coming year.

6/24 Dia de San Juan (Puerto Rico)—This day commemorates the island’s patron saint, St. John the Baptist, and is usually celebrated on the beach in the afternoon.   At midnight, people jump onto the beach three times to symbolize baptism, immersion, and new life.

6/27 Multiculturalism Day (Canada) – This day acknowledges the contributions that various communities make to Canadian society and celebrates the country’s richness and diversity.

6/28 Eid-ul-adha (Islam)—This is a three-day celebration that celebrates Abraham’s test of obedience to Allah when he was asked to sacrifice his son Ismael. At the last minute, Allah replaced Ismael with a lamb. This holiday is determined by the first sighting of the new moon, which varies in date. If it is celebrated in the States, it is one day later.

6/28 Stonewall Rebellion Day (LGBT) commemorates the U.S. anniversary of the 1969 protest against police harassment in New York City’s Greenwich Village.

6/29 – 7/3  Gahambar Maidyoshem (Zoroastrian) – This day celebrates the creation of animals and is also a time for equal food sharing.

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How does it feel to reflect?  Well, let me tell you all about it.  Unified Workforce (UWF) celebrated its first-year anniversary in March 2023 since its formation as a non-profit organization.

It felt like giving birth to a child from the beginning even though I’ve never done that before.  In the first year November 2019, I learned to put all the logistics into place as a business.  That revealed a lot of loose ends and I asked for guidance from my mentors.

Once that was done, I started doing my business.  Soon imposter syndrome attacked me like a shadow, especially after an AAPI Hate Incident in March 2021.  I needed to overcome it because I knew that my services were needed in my community.  I forged ahead and started my business as a non-profit in November 2021 to network groups and conferences and build many relationships with other organizations.

Before long, my infant needed some clothes and diapers, and I panicked after my 501© 3 formation in March of 2022.  After applying for my first grant and being denied, how did I manage this on my own?  Like any business owner, even founders need to put in some personal money to start, I put in a small amount from my savings.  Then I asked a friend and professional grant writer to help with the next grant.  With each grant application, I learned new ways to earn grant money.  I also learned that grants are like learning gymnastics – just do it and do not give up.

Today my infant is a toddler because of being nourished by two grants.  I also partnered with other businesses by being a professional consultant or a vendor.  In the future, I am also planning to be an educational resource by teaching courses at conferences, classes, and/or seminars.

I am proud to say that my clients help me learn and grow in my professional role.  Every day is a lesson and keeps learning.  In January 2023, I planned and created my first fundraising event: an Asian Lunar New Year celebration that was educational, spiritual, and entertaining as well as was well received by my community.  I will be doing this every year.  My company proudly collaborated with another organization to make this event successful because we both want to promote diverse events in our community.

I look forward to many more milestones for UWF as I recruit more leaders for my board and eventually hire some.  I created a couple of scholarship funds for first-generation students (neither parent went to college) to attain higher education.



** Stay tuned, more events coming soon! **


2022 Financial Statement 



  • Colorado State University (CSU) Asian Pacific American Cultural Center (2021)
  • CSU PRIDE Resource Center (2021)
  • Unicycle Consulting (2021)
  • Good Business Colorado (2021)
  • Martinez Associates (2021)
  • Larimer Small Business Development Center (2022)
  • United Way of Larimer County (2022)
  • Larimer County Economic and Workforce Development (2022)
  • Colorado Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (2022)
  • Summitstone (2022)
  • Larimer County Sheriff Office (2023)
  • Rainbow Circle (2023)

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