Two Step Tango

Finding the right candidate
Directing the right candidate to the right employer.

Individual’s Map to success

  • Get to know the Individual – Exploration
    •      Consultation
    •      Personal assessment
      •      Evaluations
  • Follow-up with the individual – Assistance
    •      Personal coaching begins
      •      Networking with NoCoNet
    •      Document review
      •      Confirm or rework documents
  • Screening Process – Collaboration
    •      Match employees with companies
      •      Based on interests/experiences with the company’s culture and job description
    •      Prepare candidates ready for an interview – informational or job
      •      Mock interview
      •      Review strengths and weaknesses
    •      Contact employers – collaboration and partnership
      •      Inform employers on potential candidates and give candidates to do the follow-up
  • On-boarding Process – Partnership
    •      Check and review candidate credential from a background check to references check
    •      Prepare them the necessary steps as they enter into the environment from thank you notes to HR company’s personnel
      •      Tour of the facility
      •      Give important numbers and connection with the company
  • Success Story Process – Celebration
    •      Share stories by interviewing candidates for the newsletter or assisting them for presentation with NoCoNet
      •      Questions for Interview:
        •      Where did you get place?
        •      What is your new title?
        •      Is this a permanent or temporary position?
        •      When is your start date?
        •      How did you hear about this position?
        •      How did you apply for this position? Please describe your process.
        •      May I still keep in touch with you to check on your status in different increments?
        •      Who will be your direct supervisor?
    •      Boost up programs
      •      Check with candidates with a different time frame (i.e. 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year)
  • Make It Official Process – Acknowledgment
    •      Sign contracts either with the business or individual
    •      Pair up with peer mentor
  • Milestones – Achievements
    •      Celebrate individual’s milestones

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  • Recruit from all demographics
  • Network and build partnership with various demographics
  • Participate and attend different venues to draw employment pool (i.e. Career Fair)
  • Strategize with business in improving employment pool
  • Ascertain employees to continue improvement
  • Utilize non-traditional avenues for finding talent



  • Design and implement employee recognition and appreciation program
  • Help companies to understand inclusion in the workforce
  • Serve as an agent with external support (i.e. GOAL and monthly support group)
  • Support a service for HR personnel as request (i.e. tracking report)


Individual Consulting

UWF’s advisor provides expertise in various human resources areas.  We provide individual clients seek future employment on a short-term or long-term basis.  We identify solutions to specific issues for the client.  We serve as a coach to clients in a variety of forms.  Our advice is kept confidential.

  • Networking with Business Partners
  • Facilitating Group Discussions
  • Teaching Important Subjects

Business Support

A UWF advisor is an experienced professional in a variety of different fields and has a wide knowledge of the subject matter in hand. Their expertise is provided on a temporary basis and associated with a fee. They can be retained in-house by the employer on a short-term or long-term basis. Reports and presentations may be used for documentation. Their advice is kept confidential and only given as is deemed necessary to the business.

  • Coaching Employees
  • Assisting Employees in Various Forms
  • Providing HR Services to Employers

Group Consulting

UWF can serve as an independent advisor to any group setting – public or private.  This service is on a temporary basis.  The advisor provides suggestions on a wide range of subjects through group presentations.  Group discussions are kept confidential within the setting and are not allowed to be shared outside of the group.

  • Tracking Employment Pool
  • Partnering Employees with Employers
  • Educating HR Issues to Businesses

Training and development


Is a professional work opportunity offered by an organization for a short period of time. The opportunity is given to students looking to gain relevant experience and skills in a particular field. It can be paid, non-paid or for credit.


Is job training which follows in studying a master of the trade. With the opportunity, there is an established curriculum with the program. On some occasions, the program may pay the student a minimum wage.

SWAP Program

  • Research 3 potential companies
    •      Handout – company information
    •      Summary
      •      Strengths and weaknesses of the company – student’s perspective before going to the informational interview (1 page)
  • Informational Interview Template
    •      Things to do:
      •      Set up appointment
      •      Prepare interview questions
      •      Contact person and interview date & time
      •      Feedback
  • Placement
    •      Offer Letter
    •      Specific Project – ask the supervisor
    •      Schedule
      •      Tentative Agenda
    •      Bios – student and supervisor bio
    •      Contract – between student & employee and UW & company
  • Daily task logs
    •      Create
  • Weekly report/Reflection
    •      What did you learn to question or prompt questions to answer – 1 page
      •      Introduction
      •      Office Settings
      •      Project
      •      Resources for the project
      •      Hurdles
      •      Bibliography
    •      Project Process Report
  • Monthly Check-In Report
    •      Meet with supervisor
      •      Strengths and Limitations from supervisor
      •      Share the report back to the students
    •      Meet with Karen
      •      Rough draft about the project – paper
  • Presentation
    •      Picture of the presentation – PowerPoint
    •      Project Presentation to a supervisor – due 2 weeks before SWAP ends
    •      Evaluation from supervisor
      •      Strengths
      •      Weaknesses
      •      Grade
  • Closing
    •      Exit Interview
      •      Gift giving
    •      Evaluation
      •      Use ACYPL format

List of Human Resources Topics

Trainings are available to hone individual’s professional development as they navigate their career path with everlasting changing HR policies.  HR courses are available.  Some of the topics are:  Dress to Success, Illegal HR Questions and Negotiating Skills.


Price Plan
Customizing Based on Company’s Needs
Price Plan
Post Offer
Track Retention
Exit / Training
Price Plan
Post Offer
HR Services
Employee Recognition
Inclusion Training
Track Retention
Exit / Training

“If you want to be successful in this world,
you have to follow your passion,
not a paycheck.”
– Jen Welter, NFL’s First Female Coach

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