Karen Wong-Brown

Executive Director

Welcome to Unified Workforce!  I want to say thank you for coming and using our services.  I want you to know that you are unique and will not be looked at as a statistic. We want you to reach your full potential by utilizing us as your guide along the way.  We will be there as you celebrate the smallest milestones towards your big picture.  We are here to serve as your coach/mentor because we are a team.

Now I would like to share why I created Unified Workforce for our community.  My purpose is to help people from all walks of life to reach their full professional potential with the right resources and great people.

As a first-generation Chinese American immigrant coming to America at the age of six, I learned that it was going to be hard to be successful in every setting; however, I was determined with my mother’s dream on my shoulder.  My mother bought me to America for a better education.  It was hard to learn English as my fourth language but I needed to assimilate to this new culture.

As time went on, there were other expectations; ultimately, I took every challenge with determination and tenacity.  I also found out there were obstacles but I did not let them define me.  I persevered to be successful in one shape or another.  I used my resources such as my teachers, mentors and supervisors.  Each of them guided me in the right direction.  I also had support from friends and loved ones who saw my potential.  With those two things in hand, I knew that I can fulfill any vision – personally and professionally.  Now I want to give back to my community by being a conduit and doing what I am passionate about which is assisting people reaching their dreams.

I created Unified Workforce (UWF) from the job seeker’s viewpoint.  I implemented a program from the beginning to the end of the job seeker’s cycle. UWF looked at resources to help each individual to be valued by their workforce.  UWF also wants individuals to have a good work-life balance.  Finally, UWF also wants to give you tools for you to give back to the community.

My ultimate goal for each person that walked into my organization is to believe that “You are valued. You are intelligent.  You are beautiful.  You can reach any goal if you have the right cheerleaders along the way.  We will be proud of your baby steps.  Let’s start this journey together.”

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