Success is measured by you while utilizing Unified Workforce as your guide in your journey. We offer services in various ways, independently and/or in a group setting. Our mission is to support individuals in mapping their road to success through coaching, mentoring, educational, and leadership opportunities.



In the collaboration of all parties in developing by sharing a common vision which becomes a reality.


Consultation is a meeting place, either individually or in a group setting, where we address the problem and find advice or solutions.


Mentoring is an opportunity for two people to work together toward a shared goal for the department.

Business Services

Business services are tools to support companies in ways of improvement as a whole.

Job Seeker

Peer connection 

A group of individuals coming together for common ground through communication, honesty, and patience.


Coaches are critical for accomplishing a professional goal.


Individual development consists of personal, professional, and educational improvements.


Training allows individuals to learn materials as they embark their professional journey.

Client Recommendations

Diane Jones

Unified Workforce helped provide the tools and skills I needed to land my dream job.  I had not interviewed for a new job in over thirty years, so I was a bit apprehensive as to how to search for a job in today’s market.  My resume was outdated, I had no LinkedIn account, and was apprehensive about interviewing.  I had been applying to places for months, without the slightest interest.  Karen Wong-Brown helped me to write a new modern resume, taught me how to write a great cover letter, and coached me on interviewing skills. She helped me focus on jobs that fit my ambitions, talents, and skill sets, and sent me great job leads to apply for.  After rewriting my resume and cover letters, setting up a LinkedIn account, and helping me with networking, the interviews started pouring in.  When I went to interviews, I already had done practice interviews with Karen, and knew what questions they were going to ask before they asked them.  Most important, I now had the confidence I needed to shine in an interview.  I owe everything to Unified Workforce for helping me land not only one dream job, but two!  I highly recommend Unified Workforce to help you with your next career search.  Thank you for everything, Karen you are the best!

Vicky Liu

After graduating, I was struggling with finding jobs and faced lots of interview preparation. Lots of resumes sent out without reply that made me sometimes hectic with doubt, fear, and insecure feelings.
I was lucky to meet Karen. We are in different states. She is in Colorado, and I am in California. She spent time actively calling, texting, and zooming me to help with my resume and cover letter. Finding a job sometimes can be a long process, but during that time I always feel supported and encouraged by her.
Every time I got an interview, Karen did mock interviews with me and let me know each interview question that the HR wanted to know. Karen walks me through the recruitment process, ensuring every step is understood, prepared, and all is in for you.
Karen also found a tutor who help me with my accent (language barrier), because she doesn’t want me to be discriminated against and treated unfairly because of my accent. Karen would always stay available when I need help and make sure everything goes smoothly. She always stays open minded with a supportive attitude.
Finally, with her support, I got job. THANKS, Karen! ”

G Inguanta

I started working with Karen of Unified Workforce after I had just resigned from a previous job. I struggle with organizational skills, inattention/focus, and motivation, ESPECIALLY when applying for jobs. The boring nature of sitting and typing cover letter after cover letter and editing my resume put me in a state of fear and procrastination. Karen does work that is so essential, but often neglected, she will take you in, she will show you who she is, ask you who you are and care, and sit with you while you work. For someone with ADHD this is extremely important, oftentimes large tasks overwhelm me so breaking tasks up into smaller ones, and sitting next to someone while I edit was such a relief. Not only does Karen sit with you, haha, she offers you her expertise by way of supportive documents and supplies. I was offered a mini calendar, one I still use, and a pen that is of many colors, which helps my brain know the difference between an appointment or a to-do list task. Karen met me where I was at. She asked me about my goals. What Karen has to offer is rare. Not only is she offering you a service of support, she is offering you her network, her expertise from years of hard work, wisdom, passion, and love. You can tell Karen is genuine and authentic in how she shows up with you. She accepted my needs and brought me fidget toys without judgment. We met week after week, often with help of her reminders, editing my resume, cover letters, breaking down job descriptions, and interview practice. With Karen’s support I landed a wonderful, salaried job, doing work I know I will love. I learned with Karen that it is okay to dream, and it’s okay to try and make mistakes. Not only does Karen provide all of this, she also will help you obtain whatever you need to be successful in your job. She will meet with you for an entire year once you get your job; this is unheard of. I am nervous about starting a new adult job with lots of responsibilities but I am so relieved to know I have the support of Unified Workforce as I navigate the challenges of starting and
maintaining a new job. I highly recommend working with Karen and Unified Workforce!

Clayton Graves
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Network ASIC Validation Systems Administrator

I was laid off in July after 10 years at a company. I spent a month and a half submitting resumes with no results. I was introduced to Karen through a mutual acquaintance. My initial impression of Karen was that she was driven, ambitious, and fierce. Over the following weeks, that initial impression proved to be accurate. Karen worked tirelessly to provide me with leads and advice on how best to tailor my resume to get more responses. She taught me valuable interview skills and practiced with me. Karen met with me on a weekly basis and was even present when I got the phone call, we had worked so hard to get: The offer. I would not be in the position I am in today if it weren’t for her. As effective as she was, her most impressive talent was in making me feel as though I were not alone. She provided empathy, hope, and the occasional kick in the butt when I needed it most.

Company Reviews

Danita Smith
Sidnae Global Research

I have worked with Karen over the past year as she and her team expand UNIFIED WORKFORCE. While working together, Karen’s passion for serving her community and skillsets is evident. I am sure Unified Workforce will make a significant impact in the lives of many.

Cori Wong, PhD
Positive Philosophy Consulting

I’ve known Karen through several contexts in community, and what consistently emanates from her is a passion to use her voice and resources to support others. Karen is just as eager to learn as she is to lead, and she has created the kind of spaces and services people need to choose their own path in life. That dedication and commitment reflects the spirit of an organizer, and Karen continues to grow and evolve as an influential community member who makes Fort Collins a better place for all of us.

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Recruiting is a team effort that includes togetherness, encouragement, achievements, and motivation.

Finding the right candidate and following up with them are the keys to business success.

Unity is power where teamwork, collaboration and honesty are created.

There are a lot of roads with every journey.  With the right guidance, a direction is formed.

Internship or apprenticeship is the beginning of one’s career – learn, absorb and see if that is meant for you.

Every business needs support and it helps sustain and grow the company to its full potential.